The Surf Check


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Dimension : 25cm x 35cm

Medium : Screenprint // 11 colours

Its peak season and your morning ritual is; get up, grab your board and check the surf.

The Surf Check is a slightly more abstract view with a combination of both an arial and landscape shot together. The sea acts as the sky and the sky as the sea giving you this awesome sense of not knowing where the sea ends and the sky begins.

Is it the sun? Is it the moon? Who knows, you decide depending on whether you’re a day or night surfer!

This screen print has probably been my most ambitious yet with an intense 11 layers of colour. Yes, there were some ‘taring my hair out moments’ but equally there were moments of bliss where the colours, shapes and movements of this piece came together and spoke to each other in harmony.

That longing for the ocean or simply just that view means everything to me when I envisage a new print and I hope this takes you back to a moment when you’ve been in your special place with that special view.



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