The Line Up


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Dimension : 25cm x 35cm

Medium : Screenprint // 7 colours

As part of a new series which explores the environments in which Surfers exist in, The Line Up depicts a modern day view of the wait for waves out at sea. With the increasing popularity of flying drones, we are able to remotely view scenes which we would otherwise only witness via plane … or by a camera strapped to the back of a Seagull. However, that would be morally wrong, so thank goodness for drones.

If you’re a surfer then you’ll be able to appreciate the serenity of bobbing around on your board when theres a lull in the swell. Looking back on the coast and feeling a million miles away from civilisation, with only your board, the breeze and the sound of the sea. At that moment you are timeless. A peaceful and isolated place which is almost impossible to replicate in any other scenario in our 21st century life.

Life’s best kept secret.


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