Hand-pulled limited edition single colour Screen-print

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Dimension: 35 x 25 cm

Medium: Screenprint

Hand-pulled limited edition single colour Screen-print

Printed on 270g context birch recycled paper which has unique and delicate flecs running through the sheet.

Its hard to believe but through out the world many cultures see the Owl as a harbinger of bad luck, an omen, the bringers of ill health or death and they have strong associations with the devil. However many wester cultures believe they are animals of great wisdom and knowledge bringing wealth and success. I called him “Hardbinger” because I believe he will bring something unique and different to everyones home.

He is the perfect size, easy and inexpensive to frame and mount, simply to fit into any room size in amounts all kinds of styled homes. I think he makes the perfect gift too.

This is most definatly one of my more popular prints.


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