The humble bumble. A Gold metallic Screenprint intended to highlight the important of our yellow stripy friends and raise awareness of their decline.

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Dimensions: 30 x 30 cm

Medium: Screenprint

Aaaaw, the humble bumblebee. One of our countries most endeared winged friends and believe it or not under serious threat. As much as we love our little black and white insects many of us don’t do much to support their habitats and encourage their existence. For those of us that live around the country side and are surrounded by the occasional woodland, we will see a good number of bumblebees during the summer periods however those of us that live in the concrete jungles that are cities, they will rarely hear their frantic buzz.

Believe it or not there is a huge amount that you can do to help the numbers of bumblebees increase at a very inexpensive (sometimes non existent if you get creative) cost. Just one or two simple alterations to your outside garden area can make a world of difference. See the bumblebee conservation trust site to find out more.

As part of a project to highlight endangered species I have created this two layer Screenprint.

The background layer, printed in shimmering gold metallic ink, is made up of the geometric pattern that bumblebees ingeniously use to create their lattice hexagonal homes. We then have a variety of bee species spaced out around the circle graduating in size, printed in mars black ink