Artistic Practice

I am an East London based Printmaker who makes work that responds to a variety of narratives. To name a few: Science, Environment and Ritual currently play key roles in the realisation of my prints.

These themes are blended between each other with some playing a more critical role in the final piece than others however, they’re all inherently linked with one another.

My environment, not just locally but globally, fascinates me and is usually the birth place of most of my works. The pure enormity and complexity of life on this little planet is astounding and is the catalyst for a whole chain of thought which culminates as the end print. However, through that process is a ritualist series of events that create the print. For me, the production of the print hugely impacts and negates the style and tone of voice and it’s through this that my practice feels more scientific. My methodic but blind approach to making these marks are a kin to a scientist. Knowingly stabbing in the dark to find something that I don’t realise exists yet.

Perhaps that’s an ostentatious remark to make but I do believe Science and Art sit far closer together than most people may assume.

To keep up to date with my practice follow my instagram page @veraprints