Artistic Practice

Noticeably, Susan’s work centres around exploring the dynamic mass of water that exists as our oceans. Teaming with life and for ever changing with the seasons, our waters provide us with a wealth of stimulus and thought provoking content. Up until now, her work has primarily focused on the aesthetic elements of this aquatic environment. However, in this modern age of shared information we are becoming more and more aware of the dramatic impact our 21st century lives are having on our Oceans.

2019 will see Susan begin a research project on the Microorganisms that live within our oceans, namely micro-animals, fungi, algae and other bacterias. What are the effects of plastic pollution on these single and multi-celled organisms? How might they be adapting or deteriorating? And, what might the knock on effects of these microscopic changes be to our marine life as a whole?

This project is not only for my own personal curiosity, but comes from a desire to create a body of work that may just make people look and understand a little more about our current environment. How can we, as a collective, change the habits that have been indoctrinated into our every day lives through consumerism and take responsibility for our planets future.

To keep up to date with the progress of this research project, follow Susan’s instagram page @veraprints