Susan Vera Clarke FdA, BA, MA

With over 10 years of Printmaking experience Susan’s primary disciplines include both Etching and Silkscreen. However, after working within a number of studios and generally having a healthy obsession with printmaking, she has aquired a strong practical knowledge of most print processes including Lino, Letterpress, Collograph, Monoprint, Stone Lithography and textiles screenprinting

Along side her artistic practice Susan also manages a community interested not-for-profit Printmaking studio called East London Printmakers where she is responsible for over seeing the running of the studio and coordinating their program of courses, of which some she also teaches (Etching and Screenprinting).

As well as group classes Susan also offers Private Tuition to those that wish to advance their skills in a particular area or need their skills refreshing. 

Susan also supports/collaborates with other artists on Print based projects which in the past have included; Illustrator Ellie Curtis, Artist Nicole Polonsky and Designer Ella Doran.  

Recent publications featuring Susan’s work include Pressing Matters Magazine and Wotisart? 

If you would like to collaborate, commission me for a job or hire me for teaching, please visit my contact page or email